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My Great Grandfather (Joseph M. White) from Newburyport, MA, fought in the Civil War for the New York 40th "Mozart Regiment. The history of this Regiment is detailed in Fred C. Floyds 1909 book which is generally out of print and very hard to obtain. There was a reprint in 1998 by Higginson Book Company, 148 Washington Street, Salem, Massachusetts 01970. They may still have copies.

I used a scanner and OCR software to regenerate the Roster provided in Floyds book.  Also included are all the photos in the book of which there are 67 total. I have also included additional photos of people or items relating to the 40th NY Regiment. Future plans include adding the Regiment history and annotating the pictures. - Calvin E. Phillips

Mozart Roster A-C file

Mozart Roster D-G file

Mozart Roster H-J file

Mozart Roster K-M file

Mozart Roster N-P file

Mozart Roster Q-S file

Mozart Roster T-V file

Mozart Roster W-Z file


Mozart History  

Fred C. Floyd's Book - History of the Mozart Regiment


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