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Building Design Analyzer (BDA)

The BDA program the capability to calculate a number of common structural conitions that are encountered in the structural design of a residential building. For example, here is a list of specific calculations:

2 Point Beam                
Roof Valley                              Shear Wall Drag Link
Box Beam                      Spread Foot Foundation            General Solutions
Angle Beam                   Deep Pier Foundation                Sections
Column or Post               Spread Foot Pier                       Dead Load Determanation
Floor Joist                      Wind
Ceiling Joist                   Seismic
Roof Rafter                     Shear Wall

A typical screen of BDA looks like the following:

Valley Screen of BDA

Seismic Design Analyzer (SDA)

Seismic Design Analyzer is a breakout subset of the more comprehensive Building Design Analyzer program. This allows the program to be less expensive.  It concentrates on the more difficult task of performing seismic calculation on residential structures suitable for submittal to Building Departments.  It includes the following calculational capability.  

Shear Wall
Shear Wall Drag Link

Typical screens for this program are shown below:

SCA Screen

Seismic input data
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