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Building Design Analyzer (BDA)

The BDA program is for residential or moderate housing construction using the the 1997 UBC and ICBO code as the basis for properties and formula.

Built into the program are automatic features that prevent the most common errors as seen by the authors in over 20 years of design reviews and college student work.

Key Features Include:

  1. 44 different wood plus GlueLams and Engineered woods
  2. Structural Steel
  3. Beams, Column/Posts, Joist/Rafters, Gables, Foundations, Wind, Seismic, Shear Wall, General Solutions and Dead Load calculations
  4. Printed output ( with input parameters) suitable for submittal to building departments
Our software has been successfully used, in a number of California counties, for submittal of building permits

Seismic Design Analyzer (SDA)

Seismic Design Analyzer is a breakout subset of the more comprehensive Building Design Analyzer program. It concentrates on the more difficult task of performing seismic calculation on residential structures suitable for submittal to Building Departments

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