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Building Design Analyzer (BDA)

How do I install BDA?

There are four ways that BDA can be installed:

1. Just insert the BDA disk (wait about 1 minute for auto start to begin) and the program will self install.  Follow the onscreen instructions that will give you control over the installation

2. Using Windows Explorer (not Internet Explorer) you can go to the CD ROM drive where the BDA disk is installed.  Double click on BDAsetup.exe and this will start the installation process.

3. Using Start (bottom left on your screen) Start>Run and then type D: setup.exe.  Dwhere D: is your CD ROM drive. This will start the installation process

4. Go to Start (bottom left on your screen) Start > Settings > Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs > Install and tupe in or click on BDAsetup.exe

How do I get technical Help?

Technical help is obtained by writing us an email explaining the problem you are having.  Send the email to  If you are still having problems you can contact us at the telephone number listed in the Contact Us link shown on the side bar.

Seismic Design Analyzer (SDA)

Answers to questions about SDA Installation and technical help are the same as BDA.  

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